Harry Ostler
5/17/2016 06:02:38 pm

Really useful. Thanks

Barry Ostler
5/17/2016 06:06:25 pm

This was not useful at all. Really bad information. I didn't learn anything. Delete your life. No offence but this is a serious situation at hand. Delete this website. NOW!

6/9/2016 09:21:38 pm


9/2/2017 01:02:43 am

Barry (and Harry), I am actually wondering how old you are, because seriously that unacceptable behaviour. I bet you are saying "Seriously, whatever her name is, stop going on about it", but I won't because saying "no offence" does not change anything in this situation.
I bet what you said was supposed to be a joke, but no, saying "DELETE YOUR LIFE" is not funny and is not a JOKE!! Jokes are supposed to be funny, that is NOT funny!!
Seriously dude, act your age not your shoe size!!!

9/1/2017 10:48:57 pm

Barry (and Harry), We all know you are the same person and what a horrible thing to say to the owner of this blog "GO DELETE YOURSELF" If fact I think that is cyber bullying, he/she is probably very hurt of those words, you should b ashamed of yourself. AND you deserve whatever words I say in this piece of text. You have bullied someone and i hope your happy!!!!!!!:(


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